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Established on 16th may 2018, with a Vision of serving the businesses with the best digital infrastructure, harnessing the best from their facilities, managing their operations and enabling the best Customer Connectivity with our products and services, that’s what we at Duss Digital Infra Pvt Ltd have strived for and will continue to do so going ahead.

Technology and Digitalisation is for freedom and offering services and products from the shelf is a mindset which we don’t focus upon or promote at all. Customisation are everywhere from business process to the product and we follow the same in understanding your need with an open mind and implement our skillset accordingly rather than binding your business to what we can offer.

- Businesses are operations within an environment of an ecosystem and empowering the business with technology needs an orientation which keeps the Business in centre and then map the tech accordingly and that’s our strength.

Our teams are well aware that at times there are shorthands which can be encountered during the designing specifically while the processes are challenging and in such scenario we explore our inventories of IoT’s , Voice enabled solutions and also human wearable to complete the process and achieve the right combination of tech platforms to deliver the ease of use for our clients and customers.

Service we are well versed with

AI and ML powered Mobile Apps & Voice Apps
AI and ML powered Websites & Web Applications
Big Data Processing with AI and ML
IoT & Smart Wearables

The next big technology awaits you

Digital Marketing-SEO, SMM, SEM, & SMO

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Designing and developing customised Digital Ecosystem for the businesses which matches the exact requirements and complements your business to scale quickly and with ease is our expertise

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